Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Rivers and Streams: 22

Lakes and Ponds: 58

Carries or Portages: 63, totaling 53 miles

Estimated completion time: 60-90 days

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail is a long-distance paddling trail connecting the major watersheds across the Adirondacks and northern New England. In the 740-mile traverse across New York, Vermont, Quebec, New Hampshire, and Maine. With plans to paddle this trail soon, the hazards could be weather, navigating the class III/VI whitewater, and wildlife.



Our group consists of two filmmakers, an educator and a scientists.  Although we are a diverse mix, we all share a passion for paddling.  Our passion has lead us to share the same purpose; to protect our majestic waterways that we so dearly love.  With each of our chosen medias, we will advocate for the protection of our waterways while getting people excited to be in the great outdoors.  Having much outdoor experience, our group is able to excel in the most uncomfortable conditions.  All of us feel at home on the water and desperately want others to see the water not as a threat but rather an inviting place to be apart of.  Whether it is through cinematography, outreach, or data collection, we hope to spark the same drive we all share for the water into others.

Austin headshot-1.jpg

Austin Graham

Being the projectʼs director of media, Austin will be in control of creating shot lists, editing clips for sponsors and ultimately molding what the film will become.

Co-Owner of Adventureitus


Brad Tallent

Brad will be assigned the task of Expedition Leader. He will be in control of the maps and ultimately when the crew will stop to resupply. Brads goals are to record as much data about the trail as possible, both digital and physical.

Co-Owner of Adventureitus


Mallory Hirschler

Mallory, as a trained aquatic ecologist, plans on collecting water chemistry data and detailed qualitative observations along the journey to gain an understanding of the current waterwayʼs health to help protect the future of canoe trails.


Megan Tallent

Being a naturalist and a born teacher has pushed Megan to strive in getting kids to learn in the great outdoors. Along with Malloryʼs research, Meganʼs mission on the trip is to get children along the trail connected with the water.