The Kiddo's by Coltin Calloway

After paddling upstream on the Missiquoi River, the crew made it to Richford, VT. We had the pleasure of being invited to join the Richford NOTCH Day Camp to talk to the children about our journey. As we portaged our canoes and equipment to the location of the camp, we were greeted by eager children who had lots of questions.

We set up our gear on the camp’s playground as if we were camping there for the night. Many of the children thought we might be doing so. We had our tents, stoves and water filtration system out to show the children what our “home” looks like. Mallory set out some of her science equipment to show the children the tools she uses on the trail.

Many of the children did not know what the Northern Forest Canoe Trail was. Little did the children know that the Missiquoi RIver, a river the children enjoy playing on during camp, was a part of the trail. The children were very excited to learn this about the river that exists in their own backyard, opening a door of possibilities to what the river has to offer.

The children took turns examining our supplies and sitting in our canoes. We took turns seeing how many children we could fit in each of our tents. One of the highlights for the children was trying on Brad’s 120 liter waterproof backpack. The backpack was almost the same size of each child trying it on, but this did not stop the children from doing so!

The crew had such an incredible time showing the children what our lives are like on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. We were thrilled to hear some of the children planning on how they would build their own canoe and what tools they would have in it. A few children decided that it would be easier to fly to Maine, but canoeing would be more fun!